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celebrated men and places seen and visited by the Author ; also

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benefit in nourishing the infant, and would not nour-

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marked murexide reaction when evaporated down with nitric

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the possibility of a relationship between facial paralysis and a catarrhal

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turn current is by a series of channels formed by the

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of pus and urine were evacuated from a retroperitoneal lumbar

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tiian the city of Mobile, I can only" give an account of it as I

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gain a great deal in relieving the heart in that way. I use

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of opinion and practice growing up successively in our

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business as well as a physiological standpoint, he should

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Miller's drawings, showing how the dentinal tubules become in-

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respondence, Army News, etc, etc ; including the usual wiety of Medi-

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consist essentially of doors and windows. These only exist

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which will bear scientific analysis. This is certainly

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tococcus pneumonia was much less among the vaccinated troops

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he therapeutic efficiency of the thyroid, but there are many reasons

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this time that the needle was likely to prove useful. The

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system, and enables them to resist variations of temperature, without

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one or more of these symptoms may or may not present themselves

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not supply the needs of the poor man, but are rather

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of the Association, thanks were returned for the communication, with a

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least it was not to be had without the expenditure of great sums of money for ex-

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scrii)tion of their teclinicjue being clear and concise.

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body out of the small opening, I could diminish the

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and persisting five days with change of color. Weil,^® in his intra-

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general acceptance. Only Graetz"^ (1913) denied this and believed that with

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Purpura, Keith Paul. Instructor in Neuroscience. Ph.D.

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"act concerning commitments and transfers of the insane," 514;

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Haxing sur\i\ed Cushing's wrath, Carl Walter trained

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